3 Feb 2012

Come Round July

If your lucky enough to live in England or nearby, there is a festival creeping around in the summer which should be visited.
It is called Bloc, located in London on the 6th and 7th of July


If I don't go to this I will be fuming.
Some of my favourites that will be there will include.


Hope he plays this song purely for the drop. Magnificent.
Wait till around 2mins in its worth it.


Purely because he plays some downright deep stuff.
And the latest FabricLive with him is intense.
Just the promo for the Fabric CD below because you should all get it.

Addison Groove

For His ability to make the most banging and heavy minimal songs around

And Finally...


He is madness

Hope to see people there, it'll mean I'm there too

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