11 Jan 2010

A Hard Nights Work

After the ordeal of a computer catching a virus.
I have had to restore my iTunes and find my collection across the memory...

While nearing completion, i can't help but want to get on with a first musically enhanced post.
Five songs from the back-catalogue of yesteryear.

This song will always have a place in my heart as my first encounter of it was when my friend played it over the video of a monk setting himself on fire. horrific yet, somehow suitable.

Matt Star - Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix)

My next song is best explained as... Well, the title is a good start.
That warm, fuzzy feelling you get as you peak a rush.

A song that during my summer, was met with much gratification when played.
nothing you can do but nod slowly and silently

Definately a party starter, beginning with clapping woodblock sounds to only break into a strangely subtle pounding kick drum. its nice

And finally, some over ripe fruit...

Sour Grapes - Kharma

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