31 Jan 2010

So I Was Standing In Some Elevator....

...Where the walls were made of Fabric, and said fabric was emmiting a soothing bass the likes of which had never been seen.

While a nice metaphore, it wasn't really needed and was just something i felt i should say through a thought i had while working.
Now. Let us talk "propper"...

Fabric has recently released a nice compilation that goes by the name of Elevator Music Vol.1. It is dubstep, but its the way forward for the old, tried and tested headache that we are used to. Its slow, its deep, and covoured in a 2-steppy, almost garage glaze at times. I think i might call it tech-dub. Or maybe dubtech. yeeeeah

Anyway i thought id put a few of the songs from said album on here. Not all of them you greedy sods, just a few.
You should buy this.

Starting with those classic congo drums, with an earie whine hovering about the place. which gently drops into some beutiful bass.

Julio Bashmore - The Moth

Blessed with a garage tone, a jittery bass above some subtle snaps of a drum. You get the classic indistinguishable singing found in old garage beats.

This song just builds and builds and builds. The bass is deep, the drums basic. So nice to walk somewhere in a cinematic fashion.

So there you have it, 3 lovely songs that you may be able to find in that elevator i once stood inside. I dare not leave. The bass holds me against the walls.

And now we have finally left that mataphore behind us. While we are on the subject of this new breed of bass, i have a nice song from Burial. as a cheeky bonus track for y'all. Classic burial going on here, blissful. The piano in this is gorgeous, another song worth walking to. But this time at night.

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